Saturday, 31 August 2013

Domaine Perrault Marilys Rosé

August has been busy.  Mainly with fun stuff, a day trip to Wolfe Island, a few days in NYC involving a lot of wine and food, and a visit to Toronto to celebrate the milestone birthday of a great friend.  And now I am finally settling back into a routine, reflecting on what turned out to be a fun summer...

So tonight on the last day of August (boo!), while waiting for those slow-cooked ribs to come off the barbeque, I am sipping a glass of Domaine Perrault Marilys Rosé 2012.  Domaine Perrault is a lovely winery located in Navan, Ontario, a short drive from Ottawa.  Along with this tasty rosé, they offer a variety of wines.  And what is so interesting about their offerings is that they produce wine from lesser-known hardy grape varieties, vines that are able to withstand these harsh northern winters.  So while you will find great Chardonnay and Shiraz in their winery shop, they also offer some very interesting Frontenac Gris and Sabrevois.  Definitely worth a try.

Turning back to the moment on hand, Marilys has aromas of candied cherry, cranberry and eucalyptus.  A very refreshing Ontario wine for a muggy Ottawa Valley day.  It's what summer is all about... 

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  1. Nita! I just drank a bottle of that a couple of days ago too. Yum.